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A massively high fence. What is it protecting? Singapore's Kaiju Farm?

Singapore’s Kaiju Farm

Often while I’m out cycling, I see something that catches my eye. Something I want to photograph. However, I don’t often bring my camera with me. Mainly because the weather can change from sunshine to downpour very quickly. I don’t trust my backpack to keep every drop out.

Godzilla on the rampage

Review: Godzilla: Minus One

Last Saturday, we watched Godzilla Minus One, which is currently showing on Netflix (at least In Singapore). For me, It’s just like every other Godzilla movie, except it’s set immediately after World War 2, which is unique as far as I know. That said, I enjoyed most of it, but one thing that caught my interest was how the film-makers treated the desolation of Japan from World War 2 and their characters’ reactions to it.

Lera - a portrait of a priestess

Lera: A Portrait of a Priestess

Lera (lIɣa) – meaning lovely. Possibly from the Old Davan verb likkan, meaning to lick. Lera is a conflicted character. She lies on the precipice, between abject failure and monumental success. This often gets in the way of her knowing right from wrong, which in turns causes her great anxiety...

While cycling we saw this gorgeous aunset

Cycling After the Sunset

Family moments are far more ephemeral than we sometimes realise. While childhood stretches on (especially the school years), it barely lasts a couple of decades. To a kid that’s practically forever, but to an adult, it’s a blink of an eye, over way too fast. I mention this because it’s...

The entrance of the sewers

The Glyphs 1 – Gong Farming Secrets Revealed

What is The Glyphs? The Glyphs is a multiple-choice game where you control the fate (and demise) of a gong farmer, as they explore the sewers beneath the Ancient City. Just choose an option from the poll below, and the most popular option will decide what happens next. I’ll put...

The Three Body Problem

3 Problems with The Three Body Problem

The Three Body Problem is a deeply-flawed science-fiction novel written by Liu Cixin. It is beset with fundamental (even basic) faults, and yet it continues to be nominated (and even win) awards. My question is: WHY? Here are the three biggest problems with The Three Body Problem.

A meeting between the Australian Prime Minister, Queensland Premier, and the Northern Territory Chief Minister.

Changing the Date

As usual for this time of year, there is a lot of discussion about changing the date for Australia Day. There are many reasons for doing so (which I won’t entertain here), but no clear alternative date. Here is a sketch I recently posted to Mastodon about the issues of choosing 9th May as Australia Day.

Terry Bisson, 2009

Vale, Terry Bisson

I did not know Terry Bisson. If fact, I barely recognised his name when I saw John Scalzi’s post about his passing. On a whim, I did a little research. I’m glad I did. I may not have remembered his name, but I loved his work.