Noemi, a gong farmer, as featured in the Glyphs. 0

The Glyphs 3 – In Deep Gánc

The Glyphs is a multiple-choice game where you control the fate (and demise) of a gong farmer, as they explore the sewers beneath the Ancient City. Just choose an option from the poll below, and the most popular option will decide what happens next. I’ll put out one of these every week.

A bronze statue of Maz, the God of Manure. 0

Religion: Maz – God of Manure

According to the Church of High Gods, Maz is one of the Middle Gods. He (although sometimes she, or it) is said to wander the Overworld in the form of a pig, or a mighty boar, or even a ravenous worm.

Is cinema dead? 0

Is Cinema Dead? It might be for me.

Recently, I read snail’s blog posts, fillums and filmfest, about missing film festivals. My wife and I used to attend a lot of them, back in the day, especially the italian or French festivals in Cinema Paradiso in Northbridge. In fact, we used to watch a lot of movies. Some at festivals, some at the regular cinemas, and some at the outdoor cinemas that used to open during the summer months in Kings Park and at Burswood. But those days are long past.

The Celestial Bridge that connects the High Realms 1

Religion: The Nine Realms

According to the Church of the High Gods there are Nine Realms. They include the Heavens, where fallen heroes go when they die. All the places where the people, animals and plants live. This is often called the Overworld or Overground. And the places where the devils, demons, and the souls of the dead dwell.

words title 0

Words: Saerk

After previously detailing gánc, I thought I’d continue with another vulgarity: saerk. Swear words are the soul of any language. Although this version of the word is specific to the late Armen-empire era, it has its roots in the Fourth Age.

Singapore at night 1

Singapore: Fifth Anniversary

Today marks the fifth anniversary of my return to Singapore. A few years ago, I had some medical issues, and I had to return to Australia. It was supposed to be for only a short period, but there were complications with my treatment and I ended up staying there for way too long. So, it was a joy to finally return.

The Glyphs - Sewer Waterfall 1

The Glyphs 2 – Gong Farming for Beginners

“What? Why?” you tell him. “The next rain will move it.”

“Orders is orders,” Mister Claw says with a shrug. “Gong farming is like that. Just push it down into the Main Pool. There might be some further along too, so I’ll need you to check further up. I’ll leave the light here.”

'Choalú', a portrait by Eris Oakbull (2492AD) 0

Religion: The Scroll of Decular (of Wúrnúr and Choalú)

Ere even before Thúlornar and her husband, Ghótenór, slept the dreamless sleep, The Onghaor were aware they were being watched from afar.  Beings of light, tall creatures with angular features, observed them whenever they neared the forest.  It is said that sometimes these beings even visited their encampments when The Onghaor were asleep for they left behind their long footprints.

A massively high fence. What is it protecting? Singapore's Kaiju Farm? 0

Singapore’s Kaiju Farm

Often while I’m out cycling, I see something that catches my eye. Something I want to photograph. However, I don’t often bring my camera with me. Mainly because the weather can change from sunshine to downpour very quickly. I don’t trust my backpack to keep every drop out.