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The Glyphs 6 – The Final Saerk

The Glyphs - You are Unworthy

The Glyphs is a multiple-choice game where you control the fate (and demise) of a gong farmer, as they explore the sewers beneath the Ancient City. Just choose an option from the poll below, and the most popular option will decide what happens next. I’ll put out one of these every week.

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You reach out and push against the keystone with your muckrake. The stone ‘gives’ a little, almost as though it was some sort of button.

Suddenly, your footing gives way. You remain frozen in the air for a moment, before plunging into the torrent. Down into the central tunnel, and away from the light. You attempt to stop your plunge, but the floor and walls are too slippery. Stumbling, the water cascades around you, forcing your head under water. Once. Twice. You fall. Into water. As the last of the light disappears, you hear a deep, growling voice.


They are the last words you ever hear.

Thus ends your adventure.


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