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The Glyphs 2 – Gong Farming for Beginners

The Glyphs - Sewer Waterfall

What is The Glyphs?

The Glyphs is a multiple-choice game where you control the fate (and demise) of a gong farmer, as they explore the sewers beneath the Ancient City. Just choose an option from the poll below, and the most popular option will decide what happens next. I’ll put out one of these every week.

New here? Check out Part 1.

“What? Why?” you tell him. “The next rain will move it.”

“Orders is orders,” Mister Claw says with a shrug. “Just push it down into the Main Pool. There might be some further along too, so I’ll need you to check further up. I’ll leave the light here.”

He hangs the lantern from an ancient-looking hook projecting from the wall.

“Where are you going to be?” you ask.

“I need to check on something,” Mister Claw says. “I won’t be long. Get started.” And with that, he heads off, back the same way you both arrived.

You grumble again, and are about to set off when Mister Claw calls to you. “Remember, if something goes wrong…”

“Find Miri,” you complete.

“Perfect!”, Mister Claw says, and disappears down the tunnel.

“And how will I find Miri?” you mutter. “She’ll find you,” you say, mimicking Mister Claw’s voice and hearty chortle.

The mound of debris is actually quite large, and there’s more farther along. But it’s all bone dry, despite the recent rains.

You rake the entire mound down to the cross junction, remembering to take the lantern with you. The water helps you move it towards the Main Pool, but the debris keeps damming-up the flow. You’re forced to move only small amounts at a time. Back and forth you muck, moving a portion of debris down fifty paces or so, then returning for the next lot. It’s hard work with the lantern, but you dare not leave it behind. And you haven’t found any more hooks to hang it from.

Soon you hear the sounds of water flowing ahead. Not exactly a roar, but not a trickle either. A waterfall? You’ve heard rumours about one.

The Glyphs - A shambling figure approaches.

Finally, you see it as you approach the Main Pool. It’s maybe three or four paces high, and depositing its flow into the Main Pool. The water tumbling from above glows a greenish colour. The Main Pool itself overflows into a wide channel that stretches off into the darkness.

You push this load of debris into the Main Pool, and head back for more, not even bothering to watch as it flows away down the channel. Over and over again, you repeat the action until you are almost finished.

Then, just as you finish, you hear splashing. Someone (or something) is approaching up the wide channel.

“Hello?” you call. “Mister Claw?”

The only response is the echo of your own voice.

Raising the lantern high, you peer down the channel. At the edge of the light, you see a dark shambling thing, man-sized but not man-shaped, coming towards you.

What do you do?

  • Prepare to use the muck rake as a weapon? (75%, 3 Votes)
  • Call out to the figure? (25%, 1 Votes)
  • Scream and run away? (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Dive into the Main Pool? (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 4

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