Singapore’s Kaiju Farm

A massively high fence. What is it protecting? Singapore's Kaiju Farm?

Often while I’m out cycling, I see something that catches my eye. Something I want to photograph. However, I don’t often bring my camera with me. Mainly because the weather can change from sunshine to downpour very quickly. I don’t trust my backpack to keep every drop out.

My phone is old and takes awful photos (hence the reason I used my son’s photo for Cycling After the Sunset). Also, when I’m riding, I don’t particularly like to stop and take some photos (even when I have my camera on me). It becomes inconvenient. I’m usually going somewhere, and I like to ride fast. Well, as fast as my tired, old body can achieve (which is not actually that fast). So I miss a lot of shots that I would have liked to have taken.

Why is this post called Singapore’s Kaiju Farm?

Occasionally, the cosmic forces combine in just the right way, and I not only remember my camera, but it’s actually sunny. Sometimes I even recall a shot I wanted to take when I’m cycling nearby, and I specifically make a detour.

This is what happened on Tuesday. My son and I were out cycling, and we purposely activated a side-quest to photograph a…. fence.

No, really. Why is this post called Singapore’s Kaiju Farm?

No, dear reader(s)*, I haven’t become a phragmosphile – a word I just made up meaning lover of fences (from the ancient greek phragmos, meaning fence, and phílos, meaning beloved. Should I have used Latin instead?). In fact, I was quite disappointed when I saw it again. My doddering old memory had overinflated its height.

I remembered it as being at least 15 metres tall. As you can see from the photo, it might be a little over five. I think the mound it’s placed upon makes it seem much taller than t really is.

In any case, by now you must be wondering why did you make a sidequest to photograph a $#@!ing fence? Well, the answer is that: it’s weird. And it’s in the middle of nowhere, in an industrial zone. It looks like the sort of fence you’d see around a prison (minus the razor wire), or to keep something inside the perimeter. Something like a Kaiju.

That’s it. Sure it’s not much, but I’m a writer. I’m used to working from not much. Maybe I’ll write some fiction based on Singapore’s secret Kaiju farm. Of course, in my version the massive fence (it’ll have to be electric, right?) will surround the area, and not be just on one side, like this one is. And it will have to have a secret entrance, that might be disguised as a drain located in the canal right next to the fence, like this one:

A drain. Where does it lead? Is it the secret entrance to Singapore's Kaiju Farm?

What should happen in there? Are they farming Kaiju, or trying to save them from extinction? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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