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For much of its history, the language of the Kza-Lan used an abjad script. It is for this reason that there is some speculation about the exact spelling of most of the words in the language. In this article, we’ll be using the convention employed by the linguists and historians from the Second Armen Kingdom, while also including various alternatives used through history.

kza (kza) – (originally kaza and sometimes k’za)


  1. our people (or populace)

From k-z, meaning people

lan (lan) – (originally lana or lanȧ, and sometimes lan’)


  1. good

From l-n, meaning a state of goodness.

Kza-Lan translates as our good people, referring to the tribes from the great plains between the Eguti’oraguta and Pavutakyahu Mountains. The ruling family claimed direct ancestry from Enesen, the youngest son of En.

Many centuries after the Breaking of the World, they drifted southward eventually building the great city of Beṯūf̣kāreko’. From there they expanded, firstly as traders and then as conquerers. Ultimately they conquered the largest human empire ever known to exist, which stretched from the Davan Sea, in the West, all the way to Masyuokyo, in the East.


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