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Words: Tæsca

Tæsca is Old Murgaen for place of many shadows.  Orginally referred to the range of  forested hills to the east of Milardus, The name may have had older origins prior to the arrival of the Davan People, perhaps dating from the Onna language.


Religion: The Scroll of Hemalsdour

According to the Scroll of Hemalsdour, it is said that Men lived upon the grass plains for many generations, feeding off the bounty that the Gods had provided, their lives content, their numbers growing.  They roamed widely, for they desired not to settle in one place for there was much...

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History: The Kingdom of Murgaen

The Kingdom of Murgaen began as an idea, which bloomed into an insurrection and ultimately a reality.  The spark of liberation flared when Goblins began to migrate and conduct raids in the area.  Whereas before the landowners were content with the exploitation of the land and populace, the Goblins posed...

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Words: Milardus

Milardus is derived from two Davan verbs: to milk (mila), and to do (dwa).  The initial settlement was a cow farm. The owning family, ancestors of the current baron, eventually took the name as their cognomen.