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Writing is all about discovering what you believe.

Terry Bisson, 2009

Vale, Terry Bisson

I did not know Terry Bisson. If fact, I barely recognised his name when I saw John Scalzi’s post about his passing. On a whim, I did a little research. I’m glad I did. I may not have remembered his name, but I loved his work.

A bee within a pink, orchid blood.

The Pact

Of course I was distrustful.

Even moreso once I actually saw the place.

I checked the message, written on a slip of grimy paper. The purple ink smudged. The address was right. Yet all I saw was an alley beside an old bombed-out department store.

A glass of bloody milk

Totalitarian Society Story #2

I am happy. The street is clean and damp. I wait for my succulent loaf of bread, and my 453.6 grams of wholesome milk. The queue is not long. The people are cheerful and consistent.

Oh no!

A prince with dark hair, dark eyes and a beard in gold armour.

En and the Hunchback

“How am I supposed to defeat even one giant let alone an entire empire?” En fretted.

“You must out-think them,” Kobanongar the hunchback, told him.

“Even If I had the heads of the six smartest people, in my father’s kingdom, a single giant would be smarter.”

A red bus from a futuristic totalitarian society

Totalitarian Society Story #1

I am happy. The economic bus is clean and quiet. I am going to work at my government appointed employment. My spirit is filled with incentive and inspiration. All my fellow bus riders are happy. Their spirits are filled with vigour and stimulus.

Oh no!

The Left Hand of Darkness

Review: The Left Hand of Darkness

It’s been just over two weeks since I finished Ursula Le Guin’s, The Left Hand of Darkness.  I wanted to pen my thoughts on the matter.  I’ll try to keep spoilers to a minimum.  Although the novel is fifty plus years old, it managed to pass unheeded by me until now.

words title

Words: Tæsca

Tæsca is Old Murgaen for place of many shadows.  Orginally referred to the range of  forested hills to the east of Milardus, The name may have had older origins prior to the arrival of the Davan People, perhaps dating from the Onna language.

Chatbot AI

The Importance of AI Chat in the Future of Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels

As the world becomes more and more technologically advanced, it’s no surprise that science fiction and fantasy novels are starting to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into their stories. AI chatbots, in particular, are becoming an increasingly important part of these stories. In the past, AI chatbots were often depicted as...

Murgaen Map

History: The Kingdom of Murgaen

The Kingdom of Murgaen began as an idea, which bloomed into an insurrection and ultimately a reality.  The spark of liberation flared when Goblins began to migrate and conduct raids in the area.  Whereas before the landowners were content with the exploitation of the land and populace, the Goblins posed...

words title

Words: Milardus

Milardus is derived from two Davan verbs: to milk (mila), and to do (dwa).  The initial settlement was a cow farm. The owning family, ancestors of the current baron, eventually took the name as their cognomen.

Top 3 Elements Every Scene Needs

So, you’ve got your structure sorted, but there’s still something not quite right about your screenplay. It’s flat, it lacks the necessary OOMPH!, and the characters that are kicking arse in your head just seem lifeless and uninteresting on the page. Then it could be that you’re missing one or more of these basic elements that every scene needs: