Lera: A Portrait of a Priestess

Lera - a portrait of a priestess

Lera (lIɣa) – meaning lovely. Possibly from the Old Davan verb likkan, meaning to lick.

Lera is a conflicted character. She lies on the precipice, between abject failure and monumental success. This often gets in the way of her knowing right from wrong, which in turns causes her great anxiety when she discovers that she has made the wrong choice – especially when it regards her friends.

Lera - young

Although Lera’s very early years are shrouded in mystery (which she only discusses with her closest friends), we know that she was raised in the Convent at Mafield. Under the guidance of Sisters Elean and Sinda, there she learnt to become a Sister of Insight, a follower of the teachings of Ulæ.

It is within these teaching that the foundations of Lera’s conflict lie. According to the Sisters of Insight, Ulæ is the God of Wisdom. However, within the greater Church of the High Gods, Ulæ is also of War and Fire. A conflict that should cause a schism, but hasn’t so far. This is the main reason that Lera barely noticed the clash while she remained a Sister of Insight.

As a novice, she learnt the holy chants and prayers used to bring comfort to the living and dying alike. She was also taught the healing rites, as well as those used for marriage, birthing, funerals, and a great many other observances (far too many, if you ask me). However, the driving passion of of all Sisters of Insight is the seeking of hidden knowledge. It is at the core of their faith, and Lera shares this too.

Unfortunately, Lera’s teachings were never properly completed. The War of Liberation saw the Sisters of Insight toiling behind the lines, tending to the wounded and offering succour to the dying. They did this for nearly three years, and did it for another two during the Goblin Wars.

Lera and the Griffon

It was during this latter conflict that everything changed for Lera. She witnessed something that caused her to question her faith. So much so that she forsook her oath of non-violence, and took up arms. This ultimately caused her to be cast from the Sisters of Insight.

She is an complicated character to write because of the conflict that exists within her. She attempts to appear all sweet and compliant, but there’s so much hate and anger within that she struggles to restrain. Perhaps as the series continues we’ll see that unleashed.


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