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The Elon Musk Method for Writing WordPress Plugins

So, recently I coded up my first WordPress plugin. Nothing majorly impressive, but it did suddenly place me in some very rarified company, and that was a little intimidating. I’ve recently joined Mastodon.  No I haven’t left  Twitter, but my engagement there is minimal (and has been for almost a...

Chatbot AI

The Importance of AI Chat in the Future of Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels

As the world becomes more and more technologically advanced, it’s no surprise that science fiction and fantasy novels are starting to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into their stories. AI chatbots, in particular, are becoming an increasingly important part of these stories. In the past, AI chatbots were often depicted as...

Aussie Terrors

Aussie Terrors

A few weeks ago I made this as part of my #CS50 computer science course. It’s a game made with Scratch. The aim of the game is to avoid being killed by all the Aussie Terrors. Instructions Use your left and right arrow keys to avoid the Aussie Terrors until...