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Is cinema dead?

Is Cinema Dead? It might be for me.

Recently, I read snail’s blog posts, fillums and filmfest, about missing film festivals. My wife and I used to attend a lot of them, back in the day, especially the italian or French festivals in Cinema Paradiso in Northbridge. In fact, we used to watch a lot of movies. Some at festivals, some at the regular cinemas, and some at the outdoor cinemas that used to open during the summer months in Kings Park and at Burswood. But those days are long past.

Godzilla on the rampage

Review: Godzilla: Minus One

Last Saturday, we watched Godzilla Minus One, which is currently showing on Netflix (at least In Singapore). For me, It’s just like every other Godzilla movie, except it’s set immediately after World War 2, which is unique as far as I know. That said, I enjoyed most of it, but one thing that caught my interest was how the film-makers treated the desolation of Japan from World War 2 and their characters’ reactions to it.

These Final Hours Official Trailer

The trailer for These Final Hours.  I played a small role (but pivotal) role in the movie.  So pivotal, you may not even recognise it’s me.  I’m looking forward to seeing this.  We shot it in 2012.  Looks great. In cinemas June 12. Woohoo!

Top 3 Elements Every Scene Needs

So, you’ve got your structure sorted, but there’s still something not quite right about your screenplay. It’s flat, it lacks the necessary OOMPH!, and the characters that are kicking arse in your head just seem lifeless and uninteresting on the page. Then it could be that you’re missing one or more of these basic elements that every scene needs:

Three Act Screenplay Structure

A very interesting infographic, particularly if you’re having difficulty structuring your screenplay.  I don’t entirely agree with it.  For instance, the end of the second act should be the point where the protagonist can no longer go back to their former lives, but they are too afraid to go forward....

The Assassin, Tropfest and PFN

It’s been a very busy week with premiere for The Assassin; Tropfest in Northbridge Piazza and the Perth Film Network Party.  It’s so great to watch so many outstanding films and to socialise with so many wonderful people.  Lots of fun.

The Meaning of I

The Meaning of I is a music video for Voyager.  I shot this in May 2012.  The director of Bloke was the producer for this and called in nearly all the actors to work on it.  All I can remember was that I had to wear shoes that were 2...

You Gotta Be a Bloke Mate

You Gotta Be a Bloke Mate is a music video I worked on in May 2012.  We rehearsed these dance moves for over a month and it took 3 exhaustive nights to shoot it all.  I made some great friends.  Fond memories. Unfortunately, the video was removed from YouTube by...