Why I’m Risking My Back For My Work

A work space. Not me. This is not me either.

After reading snail’s post about Flexnib’s post about Bibliotheque Bound’s post, I’ve decided to add this post to the posticle about work spaces. I have a work desk (or at least part of one). It contains a computer (a laptop) as well as several removable hard-drives, and a multi-functional laser printer. It also contains a lot of junk. I have written several novels, including Coils of the Serpent, at this work desk. However, I no longer use it. Well, I do. Mainly as a storage space for my old laptop. My Youngest has taken over the rest.

The Old Work Space

I inherited the work desk from my Youngest. It had been his workspace for many years, but when I returned to Singapore he insisted I work there. It’s a large desk, that hooks around. My Eldest has the largest part of it. My Youngest and I share the narrow strip that is the hook.

We live in a flat and there’s not really enough space to slot in another table. I could fit one in the main bedroom, but then I’d need to run more cables. I don’t fancy that.

I didn’t mind sharing actually. I don’t need much space. Plus it allowed me to game with both my kids in the same room. However, as they’ve grown we no longer play the same games. In fact, I’ve mostly given up on gaming. I prefer to write.

Another factor is that as Singapore has gotten noticeably hotter over the last few years I’ve found that my area becomes intolerably warm. It’s especially noticeable when both the kids are also in the room. It’s made it more and more difficult to work.

The New Work Space

About a year ago I moved into the living room. It’s where my wife did most of her work during the Circuit Breaker brought about by the pandemic. She still works there during WFH, but there’s enough space for the two of us. Plus, it has a massive fan to circulate the air, which makes it far more comfortable, and a TV. While I don’t use it during the day, I do tend to write, draw, and code in front of the TV at night. Instead of being a hindrance, I’ve found that it improves my productivity.

However, it does mean that I spend much of my day on the couch, crouched over while typing on a laptop setup on the coffee table. It’s not especially good for my back. Even as I write this now I can feel it stiffening. But it’s as good as we can manage right now.


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