Religion: The Scroll of Choalú and Wúrnúr

Wúrnúr and Hématnar.

This is a continuation of The Scroll of Decular.

Wúrnúr being the elder warrior was named chief of the Onghaor, and while he had many duties, including teaching the boys and girls how to war and hunt, for the tribe was too small now to rely on just the boys, and collecting meat for the empty stomachs, he was constantly badgered to take a wife and sire children, for what the tribe most needed was children so it could grow in numbers.  Yet Wúrnúr had eyes only for Choalú, for she was beautiful beyond imagining, and none of the Onghaor women could compare to her in his eyes.  But Choalú loved Wúrnúr not, for she was one of the Heavenly Messengers, one of Jelenonjó’s own chosen maids, and she was strange in her ways, and her manner, just like her speech, was indecipherable to any of the Onghaor.  And so it was that Wúrnúr chose another to be his bride, Hématnar, with means beautiful woman, even though he loved Choalú, but Hématnar bore him many sons and was ever faithful.

The Friendship Between Choalú and Wúrnúr

Yet great friendship there was between Choalú and Wúrnúr, and Choalú learnt the speech of the Onghaor, and with it she taught them to grow their own food, using the seeds that they found in and around the gorge.  And she taught them how to make snares and traps, so that their warriors needed not to spend all their days hunting, and how to tend to the plants so that the gatherers needed not to spend all their day collecting berries, and yams and all the other bounties that the ground provided. And Choalú taught them many new words, for she was learned and she received much joy in seeing the Onghaor learn.  And whereas at first the women and girls were afraid and jealous of Choalú, she became much loved, for she was good-hearted and wished to share all she had.

Yet for Wúrnúr she would not share what he most desired, and that was her heart.  But ever did he try to woo her, even against the wishes of the Wúrnúr’ wife – for she was bitterly embarrassed by his attempts to seduce the Heavily Messenger.  And so Hématnar contrived to kill Choalú, but the Messenger sensed the threat, and she caught Hématnar while she was alone by the river.

And so Hématnar contrived to kill Choalú,

Choalú and Beihaeluin

Now Hématnar was afraid, but Choalú calmed her with her words.

“Fear me not, Beihaeluin,” Choalú told her, using her Heavenly name, which also meant beautiful woman, according to the speech of Heaven, “For I seek not to lie within the arms of your husband, nor do I seek to bear his children, for even if I did wish these things they are forever denied me.”

“Why should I believe that such things are true?” Hématnar asked.

“For you are Mobenrían, my queen, and I love you as much as I love your husband.  I wish neither of you ill, but only joy.”

And for a time Hématnar’s fears were eased by Choalú’s words.


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