Surprising Win in Family Night Cycling

A ship we saw while out cycling

As has become something of a trend of late, we went cycling again last Friday. We rode to the North-East coast of the island. For the last kilometre or so, I raced the kids. They’re still teens and more than up for the challenge. Or so they thought. I won by a comfortable margin, which surprised me. I’ve still got some level of fitness, it seems. Unfortunately, it’s likely the last time we cycle as a family for a while.

Monday marked the return to school for most kids in Singapore. While My Eldest still has a couple of extra weeks before he returns to studies, My Youngest was amongst those heading back. Or he would have been if he wasn’t going on a school camp.

He’s currently being tortured (his words) on one of the islands off the coast of Singapore. That’s the primary reason why we headed to the Northshore for our cycle. We had to pick up some clothes for him (part of a long list of requirements sent out by the school). While in previous years, we might have headed to Uniqlo (which is almost ubiquitous here), this time we shopped at Decathlon.

For those that don’t know, Decathlon is a sporting goods store. They have outlets all across Singapore.

After a quick dinner, we cycled home. This time at a more leisurely pace. It was very relaxing. I love night cycling.

If you’re curious about the photo, so am I. Initially I thought it was a tanker, but on closer inspection of this photograph (and the others I took), it appears as if the ship is dredging. I wonder if it had anything to do with the oil spill at Sentosa (on the other side of the island) a few days ago.


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