History: The Kingdom of Murgaen

Murgaen Map
Map of Murgaen

The Kingdom of Murgaen began as an idea, which bloomed into an insurrection and ultimately a reality.  The spark of liberation flared when Goblins began to migrate and conduct raids in the area.  Whereas before the landowners were content with the exploitation of the land and populace, the Goblins posed a serious risk to nor just their profitability, but also their very lives.  Goblins didn’t care if their victims were slave, bonded, free, or highborn.  They killed each and all without fear nor favour.

However, the Overseer of Awem, a man named Kovai, refused to send aid.  Even after the murder of the entire Mahyrst famiily, and the razing of their town, Kovai ignored all requests for help. The wealthier families were forced to deal with the situation themselves.  They hired former soldiers from the Kza-Lan Legions to root out the Goblin enclaves, and to provide guards for their towns and trading caravans.

There was some success, with the Goblins forced to avoid the heavier guarded settlements and traders, instead hitting the less well-guarded ones.  However the Goblins continued to gather, multiply, and raid.

Kovai was content with this solution.  He had not needed to waste his own resources dealing with the provincial issue, and the barons had stopped bothering him.  

However, Kovai’s indolence created the foundations of revolution.  His inaction had forced the barons to become self-reliant, and also he had created a class of professional soldiers outside the control of the Empire.

Yet it wasn’t until Kovai’s son, Aniah, became Overseer that the situation turned poisonous. Aniah refused to send aid after a series of natural disasters, and even penalised the barons for failing to meet their quotas, despite the shortfall being caused by the emergency. This further escalated when Aniah sent Procurators to audit the holdings of several of the barons, all of whom were deemed to be in breech and penalised harshly. 

Arin of House Murgaen was the most severely levied.  His holdings were large, and Aniah sought to make an example of him.  When Arin refused to pay, Aniah had Arin’s eldest son, Walher, arrested and executed.  Aniah expected that harsh act to quell any dissent, instead the whole of Awem rose in rebellion.

It took them nearly three years, but Murgaen and the other barons drove the Kza-Lanian forces from their lands.  At the end a kingdom was formed with Arin as its king. He was crowned at the site of the old Heschefels Kings at Lussehofen.

Yet just as events were settling the Goblins launched their own war, hoping to take advantage of the new kingdom. Some believe the Kza-Lan Empire sought vengeance and paid the Goblins to launch their war.   Yet even that threat was eventually seen off.


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