Totalitarian Society Story #1

A red bus from a futuristic totalitarian society

I am happy. The economic bus is clean and quiet. I am going to work at my government appointed employment. My spirit is filled with incentive and inspiration. All my fellow bus riders are happy. Their spirits are filled with vigour and stimulus.

Oh no!

A man has boarded the bus. He is carrying a small child. All the seats are taken. There is nowhere for him to sit. He might stumble and drop his child.

Another man sits in the priority seat. He is corpulent. He refuses to give up his seat.

“I am disabled!” the heavy man cries.

I sense an opportunity. Heart-swelling, I leave my seat. I bow, low.

“I am from the government,” I recite loudly, “and I am here to help.”


I’m skribe. I’m a writer, a film-maker and an actor. While I’m originally from Perth, Australia, I currently reside on a tropical island, the Lion City of Singapore. Fingerprint: 79A1 DC6C D367 8A31 135A 7AFA 940E 4231 D7B9 B15C If you like what you see buy me a coffee.

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