Religion: The Nine Realms

The Celestial Bridge that connects the High Realms

According to the Church of the High Gods there are Nine Realms. They include the Heavens, where fallen heroes go when they die. All the places where the people, animals and plants live. This is often called the Overworld or Overground. And the places where the devils, demons, and the souls of the dead dwell.

One especially curious feature about these Nine Realms is that according to most sources there are at least eleven of them. Here’s a list:

The Heavens – or High Realms

  • Ëyaháláés – home of the High Gods.
  • Tháémilháláés – the land of light, the elfs and faerie
  • Thelodsal – Hall of Fallen Heroes
  • Treamanbraet – Place of Dreams

The Tháémilbrêrá (Celestial Bridge) leads from Metæmbraet, through Tháémilháláés (also called The Land of Faeries), to Ëyaháláés (The Heavens).

The Middle Realms

  • Metæmbraet- home of men, giants, goblins, animals, plants.
  • Rásbraet – ice realm
  • Færbraet – fire realm
  • Srángháláés – underground – the land of dwarfs, trolls

The Middle Gods are said to roam the Middle Realm, especially Metæmbraet, often in the shape of animals.

The Low Realms

Collectively known as Onedábraet (or Underplace/Underworld). The Low Gods dwell in various places across these realms – often in solitude.

  • Nátháláés – night home. A place of eternal darkness.
  • Dersbraet – demon realm. Where demons fight continuously for dominion over one another. The souls of the especially wicked often end up here, as demon playthings.
  • Tatháláés – realm of the dead.


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